1. What are the advantages of using TruContacts?.

  • a. Create multiple contact cards called vCards and share with colleagues, friends and family
  • b. Make changes and the details are automatically made in the address books of anyone with whom you shared the vCard
  • c. Your contacts maintain your address book so that it is always complete and correct at all times.

2. If my data is stored in the cloud, can I connect multiple devices?

At this stage we recommend that you don't as there are a few known issues with changes made on one device not appearing on the other. We are working on making TruContacts compatible for use simultaneously on multiple devices.

3. What platforms is TruContacts available on?

    IOs and Android only.

4. My app is crashing?

    Drop us a line at support@trucontacts.com

5. I forgot my password?

    Use the forgot password button on the app. If you have authenticated your email following signing up, you will receive your password. If not, don't fret – check the email with which you registered and authenticate with our servers. Then request your password through the app. Don't forget to check your spam folder if you cannot find the authentication email. If all else fails, drop us an email at support@trucontacts.com and we will do our best to help you.

6. I want to report a bug?

  Drop us a line at support@trucontacts.com

7. I want to make a suggestion?

  Drop us a line at support@trucontacts.com