TruContacts is a smarter address book.

    Rather than you maintaining your address book, TruContacts enables your contacts to maintain their details on your address book.

    On the other hand, TruContacts allows you full control over what contact information you share and who you share with.

    TruContacts enables a user to create, edit, share and unshare contact information using vCards.


    You can create multiple cards for different purposes:

    • A personal card to share with friends
    • A business card for sharing with business acquaintances
    • A holiday card when overseas, etc.

    vCards can be shared by sms (including iMessage) and email by either typing in the details or selecting from details available on your phone contacts.


    When you install TruContacts the first time, a copy of your existing contacts are imported into the app. When you start receiving vCards, they will be stored together with your contacts under the "Contacts" tab on the app.

    Clicking on a contact or a vCard opens it up for use. You cannot make changes to vCards – but if the owner of the vCard makes any changes, you will get notified (see Alerts) and the changes are made to the vCard. Whist you can't make changes to someone else's vCard, clicking on the appropriate icon will invoke an action like opening your mapping application for address, the phone dialler for a phone number and your email client when you click on the email id.


    The Alerts tab on your tab gives you useful notifications such as:

    • Who you sent a vCard to
    • Who you received a vCard from
    • Confirmation that someone sent you a vCard
    • Confirmation of changes to someone's vCard
    • Advise that your vCard was shared by someone with a third party